Demon Blitz! on Android goes live!

September 5, 2014 in Games, What's New

We are delighted to announce that Demon Blitz! is launched on Android today!

Shoot your way through hundreds of levels in this unique 3D retro-style funny adventure. Fight monsters and engage in dungeon battles with your friends. Upgrade your gear and unlock new ones from an ever growing collection of unique sets.

Dungeon 1on1 wins award in Hong Kong ICT Awards 2014

April 7, 2014 in Games, What's New

We are very glad to announce that Moonfish Software’s brand new title Dungeon 1on1 has won the Hong Kong ICT Awards (HKICTA) 2014: Best Digital Entertainment Award (Entertainment Software) Bronze Award.

This is our third Hong Kong ICT award, having previously won another two in the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2012: Best Digital Entertainment Special Mention (New Start-Up Company) Award and Best Digital Entertainment (Entertainment Software) Gold Award with our previous title Galactic Phantasy.

Moonfish Software announces brand new title Dungeon 1on1

April 1, 2014 in Games, What's New

Today, the April Fools’ Day, we are very excited to announce our brand new title, Dungeon 1on1. (and no, this announcement is not a joke!)

Launch Week Special Offer on Optional In-App Purchases

– enjoy 20% off for all diamond purchases in the game!
– offer only lasts until 7 April 2014!

From Space Pirate to Dungeon Shooter

Some of you might find our Galactic Phantasy & Galactic Phantasy Prelude space RPGs a bit serious; well, it’s gonna be ABSURDLY FUN this time:)

It all began on the day you accidentally fell off into that little toilet and got flushed to a mysterious dungeon. To find the key to your home world, you gotta engage in a one on one fight at each stage of the dungeon where a treasure box is presented to the winner.

Gear Up & Shoot’Em

Shoot your way through hundreds of levels in this unique 3D retro-style funny adventure. Engage in one on one battles with your friends. Upgrade your gear and unlock new ones from an ever growing collection of unique sets.

Even More Fun with Friends

A brand new social shooting game, Dungeon 1on1 features an innovative social-playing system where you can ask your friends to join your battles anytime, anywhere, even when they are offline. Worry no more about network hiccups.

Put your friendship to test on the battlefield. Let your friends shield you from the enemies, or even grab their armor scraps and gain yourself better gear!

Stay loyal or opt for betrayal, it’s your call!

Completely Free to Play

Dungeon 1on1 is completely free to play; in-game upgrades are completely optional.


– 100+ levels in four different themes and time limited daily challenges
– six types of shooting missions and another unique type of running mission
– many funny costumes, and more to come!
– upgradable gear sets, get yourself some nice power ups!
– in-game achievements and rankings, see how you’re doing among your friends
– innovative social-playing features, battle with your friends anytime, anywhere, even when they are offline
– stay loyal to your friends or take advantage of them, it’s your call! It’s what makes your Dungeon 1on1 experience so much fun!
– challenge players around the world, play with your friends or make new friends out there
– seamlessly synchronize your friend list with Facebook

Regular Content Updates

– new challenges & in-game events are added regularly


– social gameplay powered by the Smart AI Clone system, where your virtual-self inherits your playing behaviors and stats and will play against challengers while you are offline
– unique blending of the 80s’ retro art style with the latest 3D graphics technology
– refreshed soundtracks of chiptune remix of Mozart & Beethoven classics, with rhythm-synchronized in-game battle effects

System Requirements

– iOS: universal app highly optimized for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad; supported on iPhone 4S or above, iPod Touch 5th generation or above, and iPad 2 or above
– Android: supported on devices with 1GHz CPU with 512MB ram or above; dual-core devices or above recommended
– Internet connectivity required; though network speed is not a concern as our technologies enable Dungeon 1on1 to work well even on slow mobile networks

Technical Support

– got a problem? Simply shoot us an email at; our dev team works around the clock helping you and enhancing the game!

Apple App Store

Google Play


Galactic Phantasy Prelude is available on Samsung Store now!

February 18, 2014 in Games, What's New

Galactic Phantasy Prelude is now FREE for download on Samsung Store.

Download from Samsung Store:
Download from Google Play:
Download from App Store:
Official Trailer:

Galactic Phantasy Prelude is Available on Android NOW!

December 30, 2013 in Games, What's New

Galactic Phantasy Prelude is now FREE for download on Andriod.
Galactic Phantasy Prelude is also FREE for download on iOS until 12-Jan-2014.

Download from Google Play:
Download from App Store:
Official Trailer:

Gift your friends an exciting Space experience this Christmas, for FREE!

December 13, 2012 in Games, What's New

Who says you can’t celebrate Christmas in Space with your friends? Now you can even do it for FREE with Galactic Phantasy Prelude Christmas Edition! Send them this fun game as a gift here:

In Galactic Phantasy Prelude Christmas Edition, you turn your cool spaceship into funny Santa Claus and shoot your enemies with snowballs and colorful ribbons. Let’s have fun and enjoy Christmas in this visually stunning galaxy. Moreover, it’s all for FREE for a limited time!

Besides downloading and enjoying the game yourself right away, you can spread the joy by sending the game as a gift to your friends. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to gift the app to others:

Share the fun and show your friends you care about them. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Galactic Phantasy Prelude – game hints

November 15, 2012 in What's New

How to check my game progress?

To check your game progress, simply tap the “log” button on the top menu bar and check the latest entry for your next destination.

In the log menu, you can also return to the previous plot point by tapping the “restore” button. This function can only be used inside starport. Although you can fight the previous story boss battles freely with the rollback function, these battles will not reward you special items if you have already fought them before. Unlike starting a “new game” in the title screen which removes your previous game record, using this function will not affect your possessions (e.g. ships, items, money and credits) of the current game.”

How to survive battles?

To increase your chance to survive battles:

1. Know your enemies: those that are substantially weaker than you are marked with a grey flag, those that are about the same level as you are marked yellow, those marked red are ones that you should consider to avoid.

2. Use Defense Matrix (DM) and Repair Ship. DM is a protective shield that blocks all incoming attack and it can get recharged when turned off. Repair Ship recovers your ship’s SP instantly during battles.

3. Add a wingman ship to your fleet which attacks your enemies and shares some damage for your flagship. Simply build a new ship in the shipyard and assign it the wingman ship in the “fleet” menu in a starport.

4. Use your most powerful ship as the flagship. You can change your flagship with the “swap” button in the “fleet” menu in a starport. Also see “how to build a new ship” for more information.”

How to avoid battle?

1. If you do not want to engage in battles with certain pirates, hold the “turbo” button at the lower right corner and enter the nearest starport or stargate quickly.

2. During battles, you can escape by clicking the “escape” button at the upper left corner and wait for 10 seconds.”

How to make money?

Tips on earning money in the game:

1. Rob the transport ships. They are weaker than other pirates.

2. Accept missions in the Information Center. You will be rewarded with money or equipment. Equipment earned in missions are often better than those found in the shops.

3. Pick the easier missions such as trailing (colored green in the missions menu) that do not involve battles.

4. If you have a transport ship, you can take the smuggling missions (colored purple) that require a large cargo hold.

5. Trade goods between different markets to profit from price differences. (See also “What is Golden Route?”)

6. Sell or recycle unneeded equipment, goods or ships.”

How to build a new ship?

To build a ship:

1. Go to the shipyard and check what ships are available there. You can see what materials, blueprints, and how much money is required to build the ships there.

2. Choose a ship and click the “build” button to build the ship.If the “build” button is unavailable, either you do not have the blueprint, materials or money required or the level of the shipyard is not high enough.

3. You can build more sophisticated ships by leveling up the shipyard. Simply tap the blue arrow icon next to the level of the shipyard UI and invest money to upgrade it.

How to get blueprint?

You need a blueprint to build a new ship. Blueprints can be acquired in battles against pirate groups like the Blackbeard, Elhibor, Babyface Syndicate, Qayzan Fighters and Dralomee Defenders. The stronger the pirate fleet you encounter, the greater the chance you can obtain better blueprints. Besides robbing pirate fleets, you may also purchase blueprints in the blueprint store by credits.

How to get Materials?

Materials can be purchased from the mining plant of any starports.

What is Dock and Wander?

In the outer space, when you get close to a planet, there are two options: “Dock” and “Wander”.

1. Tap “Dock” to enter the starport directly for repairing and equipping your fleet.

2. Tap “Wander” to explore all the planet’s facilities such as the starport, market, information center, shipyard and mine plant.

What is Golden Route?

A Golden Route is a path indicating that if you buy specific goods from certain starport and sell it in another starport, you earn a decent sum of money. You can get the hint of golden routes from the “Golden Route” menu. Note that your desired goods may not be available if the level of the market is not high enough.

What if I cannot complete the mission?

If for some reason you cannot complete the current mission (e.g. not enough cargo hold to load the goods, or the opponent is too strong), you can abandon your mission without penalty. After abandoning a mission you can freely accept another mission. You can take the same mission again at any time later.

Types of ships

There are five types of ships that can carry weapons. Namely (from smallest to biggest) Frigate (FG), Destroyer (DS), Cruiser (CS), Battleship (BS) and Battlecruiser (BC). Bigger ships have higher Structure Point/SP and more equipment slots for mounting weapons, support devices or add-on parts.\nTransport Ships (TS) are a special ship type for loading a large amount of trading goods. They cannot be equipped with weapons.

Galactic Phantasy Prelude – Version 1.1.0 Released

November 15, 2012 in Games, What's New

We are pleased to announce that the latest update of Galactic Phantasy Prelude is released. The major changes are:

– Improved loot rates of ship blueprint and game money
– Improved loot items for the story battles
– Enhanced the map to indicate starport facilities
– Doubled ships available in each factory
– Enhanced battle tutorial
– Added a hint page to guide you how to proceed the game
– You can tap and hold to fire repeatedly
– Defense Matrix will be turned on automatically when it is fully charged
– Fine tuned the sensitivity of joystick
– Add a function to go back to previous story states
– Added shortcut buttons for the UI in starport
– Enhanced the UI market and factory: all items for sale will be shown, regardless of the facility level.
– Bug fixes on request gameplay

Galactic Phantasy Prelude – Why isn’t it just point and shoot?

October 30, 2012 in What's New

We all love space shooters. Get into the cockpit, pick up the controller, simply move around and shoot. You count on your reflexes, you act before you think, you don’t spend time making decisions, you just follow the path, point and shoot and yes it’s a lot of fun!

Well, until you feel tired of casual gaming and you’d rather truly live the life of a space adventurer.

Galactic Phantasy Prelude to fit the bill. (just released on AppStore, at only USD0.99 for a limited time)

In Galactic Phantasy Prelude (GPP), you’re doing just that; live the life of a space pirate and choose your own path. At first glance it’s not as easy as other space shooters you’re used to, but who would ever believe being a space pirate is easy? Mind you, once you get started there’s no turning back, it’s going to be highly addictive.

Unlike most of the other games on iOS, GPP is targeted at serious gamers who don’t just want to kill time but are really looking for an experience. GPP is not about simple single-path casual gaming, but it actually lets you choose how you want to live your life as a space pirate. It’s an open world with a mix of many game systems. In GPP you can

– engage in real time action battles
– progress in the main storyline and uncover the secrets gradually
– pick up numerous side quests under different categories
– build and customize six classes of spacehips, from small frigates to huge battlecruisers
– fit your ships with 2000+ different equipment in 20+ types
– rob any spaceships in the outer space
– trade goods and discover 30 golden routes that can get you rich quickly
– recruit crew members for your fleet
– level up starport faciliites

Why serious gamers?

iOS has always been regarded as a platform for simple and casual gaming. Why would there be a constant barrier for serious gamers? We believe, on the contrary, the touch interface and the gorgeous screen iOS devices offer would provide a great foundation for us to build high quality gaming experience for everyone.

GPP might not have as short a learning curve as ordinary space shooters, but what GPP offers is a free open world environment where you can explore the entire Universe, and you can decide how you want to proceed in your life. You really immerse yourself into the game world and you start to believe you’re a space adventurer.

Why open world?

Simply put, GPP’s open world design makes GPP no longer a game. GPP is an experience.

With an open world, you’re not told to follow a straight path. Well, it’s just like in real life you’re going to explore the world a bit and seek your own path. As a space adventurer you can make a living by trading commodities or you can go all the way out and rob those trading spaceships. In combats, you can fit your ships with all the different types of equipment to align with your battle strategies. You’re free to make all those decisions.


Galactic Phantasy Prelude announced

October 16, 2012 in Games, What's New

Moonfish Software is glad to launch Galactic Phantasy Prelude (GPP) on Apple’s AppStore on 29th October 2012. To celebrate this great milestone of the company, GPP is now available for only $0.99 for a limited time.

For more video clips of Galactic Phantasy Prelude, see our YouTube channel

Galactic Phantasy Prelude is a brand new action adventure game with super high-quality graphics and music. The game is powered by a newly designed game system. It represents a full year of hard work dedicated by our team of gaming professionals.


– Innovative full-action battle gameplay; reflexes and tactics are equally important.

– Mix and match 2000+ pieces of equipment on your ships to suit your own style.

– Engage in exciting battles or go trading and smuggling; you decide how you earn your living.

– RPG-style open world gameplay; roam freely and challenge various missions.

– Main storyline + hundreds of missions + trading and robbing freely = 50+ hours of gameplay.

– Think you’re the only pirate out there? Beware, robbers sometimes get robbed, it’s a “real” world afterall.

– Upgrade starport facilities so you can trade more items, build more advanced ships, and unlock missions with great rewards.

– Discover the 30+ golden trade routes and enjoy some big money trading deals.

– Console quality graphics on all iOS devices; well optimized for high-end devices like the iPhone 4/5 & iPad with new shaders and various kinds of full screen special effects.

– Facebook and Game Center integration; Enjoy gaming with your friends!

– A whole new gaming experience, at only $0.99 for a limited time with our special launch promotion.